Hi there!

I am Brian Inkpen, the virtual DJ that has performed forr SS players wordwide. I am a Virtual World Explorer, but Sinespace is where I reside. I am also a Volunteer Guide for Sinespace, Unity Creator, the owner and CEO of Club Inkpen. 



4+ plus and still learning. I am always willing to improve.

DJ Host

This is my fave. I love mixing music and strreaming it during my shows. I love expressing myself through music and sharing that passion with my  fans.


Unity 3D: 4 Yrs.

Region Designer (Beginner): 4 Yrs creating virtual worlds.

Disk Jockey (Beginner): 4 Years.


My domain means it's my kingdom. If you ever have a problem on the with a member, of this site or the on the Discord server please let me know. ASAP I will confront anyone who breaks my Code Of Conduct and causes problems for my online communities.