It's Been A Minute, Let's talk.

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

So it's been a while since my last blog post. I know it's been a while. but things have been chaotic in this little thing called "life". things I can talk about, things id like to keep to myself. have gone from a "renter" to a "homeowner". which also means a new office! (stay tuned for the video on YouTube) the video will take a while. I want to decorate and make it presentable and upgrade the technology. things are getting back on track and I plan on coming back with a bang! I'm excited for thing long journey back.


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hey I know it’s been a min but I have had taken a break for a while. Had to focus on my health. i started back up unity and now can make custom tee shirts in sinespace. This is starting out for a sma

Blog post written by Artzenin Eklektos Copyright © 2021 AE Virtual Reality Vs. Reality It's easy for me to get lost in something that I like or find worth my time. Some people like to curl up with a p