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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Blog post written by Artzenin Eklektos

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Web Designer Blues

Sometimes designing websites is very challenging to do. People don't realize just how much work, time and mental planning is involved when one must design someone else's vision and make it a reality. I joined up with DJ Inkpen because he understood all of that. Now let me explain something about how most WDs (Web Designers) go about their pricing. There is a hourly rate plus whatever the package/plan combo is. When I first started my non-profit businesses, I had no idea what to expect or what to charge people.

A few months here, a year or two there and I finally get into the swing of things and to my horror, I learned that the Web Design career and community is extremely fast paced, demanding and in my opinion, overly pricy. Some WDs would disagree, but I'm sorry--when you look at someone and make only 1 page or 7 pages (basic layout mind you) and charge them 2K or more, that is uncalled for. 1K I can accept, but nothing higher for 1 or 7 page website. These fees for websites, the hourly rates for the WD is insane! I am cheap compared to them and I am proud that I am.

Mobile view and Desktop view, optimization, animation is all taken into consideration when a WD creates a website. The type of website a client wants doesn't seem to make a difference in pay, it's the time a WD has to spend on the website that will affect pay. For example, if I have 3 types of packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and the hourly rate is $175.00, plus the price of the package, then technically, if I have to install or do more than what my package states, I can and should charge the client. That seems great on paper, but I consider the position of my clients and their budgets and disagree with this approach too.

To avoid extra charging in the middle of the project, I would make sure everything is in the open and get the blueprint set prior to creation to avoid that kind of talk down the road. Edits should be free the first 1-3 times a client notices something off or wrong with the website by the world's standard. But I say, if I, the WD messed up my client's website the edits should be free and re-done as many times as it takes until the website is perfect. This is my way of course over the world's and fair as long as my client is honest with me and I am honest with them. If my client is just complaining to complain and there isn't anything wrong with the website and they're just saying there is, then I would charge them after the 3rd trial because it's clear that I'm being taken advantage of at that point.

Have I ever run into this issue with any of my clients? No. And I don't plan to in the future. Why? Because I am very good at my job and very thorough at what I do. I am a experienced Wix Website Designer and have worked with Wix for 7+ years now. Their plans are affordable and their ADI software and interface for web design is outstanding. Very easy to learn and use. Quick too. Scripting is good, but scripting is hard and where I have a math disability I cannot script a website from scratch. Wix does that for me. All I have to do is get the vision of my client and then I can go into the Wix Editor and design endless concepts and presentations. I loved making this website and as time passes I will modify the website with the owner. DJ Inkpen and I are a team and I will continue to serve him for free until one of us dies.

I do this not to show off or to sell myself short, but because I want to be that WD that is known for her compassion, fairness, honestly and friendship. DJ Inkpen is my real life male bestie and he's family to me. I won't charge friends and family. I just won't do it. But I am known to not charge people outside of my intermediate circle. Honestly, it just depends on if I really need money or not. If I don't need money I'll more than likely design a website for free, but if I need money I will charge. This separates me from most WDs and I know that, but you know what? It's not about money and making a name for myself. It's about doing right by people and helping them achieve their dream websites. Seeing a client's happiness is the best payment I could ask for.


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