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Virtual Reality Vs. Reality

It's easy for me to get lost in something that I like or find worth my time. Some people like to curl up with a physical book near a fire or get the family in a jeep and go on a camping trip. When I was young and not disabled, I did those things, but now that I am 33 years old and disabled unexpectedly, I have very few options for recreation activities. SS and ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) have helped my mental focus and give me a means to escape the harsh reality that I have. My choice to invest into virtual reality isn't to escape the responsibilities of the physical or loose touch with reality. Quite the opposite. I enjoy reality. It is what humanity was created in and destined to experience--once upon time. Since the curse of sin and the fall of Eden, humanity has found other means to occupy the passing of time. Video games, remote access jobs, etc. is part of the evolution.

So where do I stand with it? If used correctly, virtual reality can have benefits and stimulate the mind's creativity. This is why SS and ESO are ideal platforms to play on. For SS you can build and if you are a Creator, you can make items, gestures, effects, etc. for players to use in game. If you are a Guide or a host, you can put together online concerts and build a social network with other players. Online interaction is a real thing and the relationships made there are just as real. Granted, people need to be careful when approaching others online and set boundaries in general to protect themselves and their privacy, but usually games like SS and ESO are built for social interaction.

Let's face it. There are just some things virtual reality can do that the laws of physics do not allow us mere mortals to do in reality. For example, you can fly in SS to get to area in a Region. Forget walking or running just fly. In ESO, you get to own a beautiful collection of mounts, have power up skills for combat and can take on creatures and enemies thrice your size.


Not only that, you can own up to 20+ homes in ESO. Basic, Stable, Mansion, they're all there for the player to take for some Crowns.


SS, you can purchase Regions of various styles and environments too and earn Silver from questing. I can't barely earn enough to live on in reality, but at least in fantasy games I can become a millionaire easily. See? It's fun, relaxing and there's always something a player can do. I like that most about SS and ESO. You don't run out of things to do or places to visit. Reality requires passports (expensive papers) and you boarding airlines to go from one "Region" to another. Reality requires you pay a fortune of your hard earned money to get anything decent out of life and oh yeah, reality taxes you for everything. SS does too actually... but it's far more reasonable than what I have to do in reality.

The point I'm trying to make is, for some people, like me, the balance between virtual an physical realities are like light and day. Both have perks, but from what I have seen and experienced, online virtual reality games and platforms give the mind so much more freedom to express itself. The sky is the limit when it comes to virtual reality where as the ground is the limit when it comes to physical reality. I like both and clearly am a resident of the physical, but at the same time I do not regret being a resident for the virtual in SS and ESO.


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