The Return Of Artzenin On SS!

Blog post written by Artzenin Eklektos

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Remember Me?

When I told my bestie DJ Inkpen I would return to SS (SineSpace) I didn’t expect anything. By not expect anything I mean I didn’t think anyone would remember me or who I was. The Guides and SS staff sees so many players I figured they’d have no reason to recall me and I would have to start over.


When I wasn’t looking Mimi snapped pictures of the players and guess who’s avatar that is rocking it in the black hoodie? Yep. That’s right. it’s your girl, Artzenin! Mimi and the gang were so happy to see me it was like I never left. I feel terrible, so bad for staying away but due to a untimely event I removed myself. I don’t like cyber punk bullies and I was bullied, tricked and put in a situation that got quickly heated so I just… left.

4 years later I have returned to my online home. speaking of home my virtual SS house is totally empty. I will have soooo much fun redecorating the place. But hey—that’s what I get for leaving the place for 4 years and never paying SS subscription rent.

Also, side note their updates are outstanding! I loved the new editor for the avatar and the Welcome Centre? Dude. My mouth dropped and I actually blinked. It was that impressive. Trust me, I was there when it first all started and I thought what they had going on back then was great so kudos to the SS team, staff and everyone who is making these exciting changes happen. They did a wonderful job and maybe one day, I can join them as a Creator. They've convinced me their movement is worth keeping and sticking with. I like the idea of building my own Region and inviting friends from all over to come hang out on line.

What I think I like best about SS is the community. There is so much to do and so many people you can connect with there. It will be nice to see how I rekindle old relationships and form new ones.


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