Join Me At Work On Sinespace

Monday-Friday: 4PM-5PM

What I Do At Work

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Chris Liverani

I welcome players to the site. If anyone needs help, I help direct them to where they need to go. If I cannot do this, I get a member of my staff to help the player instead. You can find me in the Welcome Centre (This is how Sinepsace spells it and what you need to look for to find me.). When I'm not busy tending to new arrivals or just helping a player out in general, you can find me at Club Inkpen usually, but not always. I am a DJ after all. As my bio has stated, I am the be CEO and Founder of Club Inkpen, but I also stream live Discord and Twitch. Hope to see you there. You can catch my steams on different days at this time, there is not a set schedule for my streams. To learn about the dates for my streams please consult my Event Calendar.

DJ Headphones
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Express Yourself

Sinespace is the perfect virtual playground for you to hang out in! Customize any avatar; make a human, monster or animal with a unique look. Grab a bunch of friends to play games with, explore all the beautiful regions or just relax in your home. Get your VR gear on and immerse yourself completely in worlds built by players like you. Whatever you like to do, you can do it in Sinespace. If you don't want to play and would rather create, we have room for passion too! Become a Creator and showcase your creations and build a rep.